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This is the home of the new website for

Coral Lakes Great Decisions

Every topic discussed at CL Great Decisions has the same sub-topic:

What should US Foreign Policy be?






Please use these tabs to navigate the site:

  • We Listen is for suggestions, comments or complaints

  • Topics will list the 8 suggested by the Foreign Policy Association as well as the 8 we have developed ourselves. All will have links to serious research on the topic.

  • Event Calendar lists the dates of all 15 topics and, perhaps, guest speakers

  • Forum is the place to add those comments you never got a chance to make

  • Presenters is a list of those who have agreed to speak and a word about their background.

  • Good & Welfare is your ideas to improve the forum

  • About our Club provides background to help you decide whether you wish to participate. We certainly hope you will.

  • Great Decisions is a forum open to all residents of Coral Lakes and their guests. The only thing you have to bring is your brain!

Tuesdays in the Library  @ 10:00 a.m.

Great News

Effective December 07, 2018  the Master Board approved our status as a Bonified Club !

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