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Great Decisions is America's largest national, grassroots foreign policy discussion. It is a classroom segment at almost every University and every Lifelong Learning Society but it does not need a University environment; only a group of citizens concerned about the direction of United States Foreign Policy.


Here, at Coral Lakes, Karen Berson is our President. Presentations on each subject are made by volunteers willing to do the necessary research to enlighten the civil and engaging conversation. In 2019, we debated such topics as Rise of Populism in Europe, Cyber Conflict and Geo-Politics as well as Is Europe ready to Defend Itself.


8 of the discussion topics will be determined by the Foreign Policy Association and published in late December, 2019. Briefing Books for those 8 topics will be available in January, 2020. But, this year will be different. Great Decisions will start on Tuesday, December 3rd. and meet for a total of 16 weeks with 8 topics added to those in the FPA Briefing Book. Background information will be available to all through this Great Decisions website.


Without competing with FPA topics, we are now developing others starting with "The Worldwide Opioid Crisis " , followed by "The New Beijing – Moscow Axis" then "Is the US Surrendering its Primacy in Scientific Research" plus many others.


Whatever the topic, there will be a 10-12 minute presentation from someone who has studied the issue in depth. That presentation is followed by a civil and engaging discourse on this same topic. We do not allow audience members to go off topic nor do we allow political commentary.


FPA Briefing Books are optional and cost approximately $32 which we re-sell at that cost.

About Our Club
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