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The following are members who researched and presented the topic for discussion to the attendees with an opening 15 minute overview.

      If you would like to present a topic please send an email to us at

PRESENTER                       TOPIC                                                                DATE                                        Topic source

Karen Berson              Legal Immigration to the United States             November 20, 2018                      Our own researched

Ellen Greenwald         Climate Change                                                   November/27, 2018                      Our own researched

Sandy Meade              Fair Trade Agreements                                       December 04, 2018                      Our own researched

Norman Tucker           Privacy                                                                  December 11, 2018                        Our own researched

Irwin Betheil                The Information Revolution                                 December 18, 2018                       Our own researched


January Topics

PRESENTER                       TOPIC                                                                DATE                                        Topic source


Roz Knopf                   Topic 1:

                             "Refugees and Global Migration"                      January 08, 2019                               FPA Briefing Book

Max Tuchman            Topic 2:

                             "The Middle East: Regional Disorder"               January 15, 2019                                FPA Briefing Book

Michael Becker         Topic 3:

                            "Nuclear Negotiations: Back to the Future?"    January 22, 2019                                FPA Briefing Book

Ruth Bennett            Topic 4:

                            "The Rise of Populism in Europe"                      January 29, 2019                                FPA Briefing Book


February Topics

Sara Gootblatt           Topic 5:

                            "Decoding U.S.- China Trade"                                           February 05, 2019                 FPA Briefing Book

Mel Lintz             Topic 6:

                             "Cyber Conflicts and Geopolitics"                                    February 12, 2019                  FPA Briefing Book

Ben Gurman                Topic 7:

                            "The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested"     February 19, 2019                  FPA Briefing Book

Fred Childs              Topic 8:

                             "State of the State Department and Diplomacy"            February 26, 2019                  FPA Briefing Book



Great Decisions will continue through the first week of April with the following topics for the month of March:



Additional topics have not been developed as of this date.


We currently are in the process of determining topics which our membership will find interesting, informative, worthly of discussion.


If you have a topic you think could be discussed please send an email to us at  

      If you would like to present a topic please send an email to us at 

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